InnerVision Radio Tuesday: Why People Talk Too Much

Dear Listener,

Do you know anyone who talks too much? Have you ever asked someone how they’re doing and they tell you their Life Story? Is this chatty person a co-worker, family member or, could this be You?

Today’s program is First Tuesday – the segment of Inner Vision where you picked the topic or area of discussion requested by you via your emails, calls and letters. Today we are discussing “Why People Talk Too Much,” and Mark Goulston M.D. co-author of “Just Listen,” will be providing tips to improve your situation!

This is solution focused radio, so let’s talk about it! We’ll be taking your calls at 818.985.5735 all hour long, talking about your talking and your listening, and how to increase the latter!

Inner Vision is at 1:00 PM on 90.7 FM in Los Angeles, 98.7 FM in Santa Barbara and streaming live on the web at

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