Do You Even Know HOW To Create a Successful Couple?

Dear Listener,

Are you part of a couple having problems in your relationship? Can it be saved? Are you single and ready to try again? What will you do differently this time and do you know how to create a successful couple?

Please join me on Tuesday afternoon at one o’clock for Inner Vision, your lunchtime radio spot for health, psychology and personal development. We will discuss the neurobiology of relationships based on some work by LA therapist, Stan Tatkin. You have the chance to pledge to KPFK and receive this CD pack as a thank you gift.

Inner Vision is at 1:00 PM on 90.7 FM in Los Angeles, 98.7 FM in Santa Barbara, and streaming live on the web at You may pledge your support at  818.985.5735  Spread the word!

Please remember to check out the AUDIO ARCHIVES where all of the programs are stored for 90 days in various forms for your listening pleasure and convenience.

Warm regards,
Dr Nita

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