Issues Dr. Nita Treats

Issues and problems Dr. Nita treats in counseling and hypnotherapy:


“I have out of control panic attacks.”

“I am scattered, distracted and disorganized.”

“I have intrusive thoughts and obsessive thoughts.”


“I can’t seem to stop smoking, even though I know it can kill me.”

“I can’t control my drinking, even though my spouse is threatening to leave me.”

“I love sugar and am afraid I’ll get diabetes type II like my parents.

“I have no motivation and I don’t like myself.”

Couples and relationships:

“We have grown apart and cannot communicate.”

“She’s demanding and I’m shutting down – we have grown apart.”

“He’s distant and I’m getting angry.”

Depression and Bipolar Disorder:

“I can’t seem to get anything going on and am tired all the time.”

“Part of the year I don’t sleep and do so much and the other part of the year I’m so lethargic.”

“I just want to stay in bed and play video games.”

Mid-life change/crisis (at any age!):

“I used to like my work, now I wonder what else is out there?”

“What is my true passion?”

“What happened to all my dreams?”

Empowerment Issues (women and men):

“I can never stick up for myself.”

“I was bullied in school and now I’m powerless at my job.”

 Grief and Loss:

“I’m so upset by all that is going on in the world – gets me down”

“My parent died years ago and I’m not over it yet – is that too long?”

“I can’t cry no matter what.”

Hypnotherapy and self-hypnosis training.

Other areas include Stress Management, Trauma recovery, chronic pain, and more.

This list is not complete, but is intended to give you an idea of the wide scope of issues that might be going on with you, your relationships or family. We humans are complex beings and there is likely to be more than one thing going on. Seeking treatment from someone very experienced in many areas is useful, and if you are not sure, call me and we can figure out what is going on. Dr Nita Vallens 818.783.6258.

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